Bunpro Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)


Sweet! Just found this beta for ios. Will be trying it out!


I use Android and I can’t get the app to load. Every time I open it, it’s stuck displaying the loading circle.

Edit: Seems to be working again. :slight_smile:


Loving the Beta app so far. Very easy to use and mirrors the website.


Seconding! That’s been really bugging me! Would love if that got resolved at some point in the near future, because a reminder of how many grammar points I’ve got learned is not actually that helpful. :wink:


android app still have bugs. it takes forever to load and crashing all the time.
I add a shortcut to home screen of my chrome browser and it worked great.
no need to install the app if you’re low on storage


Definitely would love some updates to the Android app. It takes a while to load, the reviews don’t update on my home screen, and it also appears too wide for my screen? There’s a horizontal scroll of a couple pixels.


The iOS version shows that I have 17 reviews that I do not have. It first started showing I had 1 review after the newest update, but the number of non-existent reviews had climbed from 1 to 17 over the past few weeks. I emailed the developed through the Test Flight so but no response.


Android app does not have much functionality at the moment. The review counter does not update and clicking on Study or Review appears to just redirect you to a browser within the app itself.

Ideally, I would prefer an app that does not just redirect me to the browser.

However, seeing as it is still in beta and Bunpro is still relatively new, this is not exactly a complaint. For now, I have uninstalled the app because I think working through the mobile browser works exactly the same.


I seem to have a problem with the android app, it’s loading forever, is it normal ? (plus the beta version isn’t very intuitive, I had to search myself for the website to create an account)


@Dorifor, I used to have the same problem when I hadn’t done a login on the webpage first (or it might have been a single “study” or “review”-session on the website). Maybe try doing one or two there and check back if it works!

Other than that, I can confirm that the Review-counter on the Android App is bugged and simply shows me all Grammar points I have currently added. It also reliably crashes after almost every session (when I am no longer in the app, but have switched to something else).
But keep up the good work! I’m still using it regulary and like it quite a bit :slight_smile:


Has anyone else suddenly found the iOS app has disappeared? I can still do reviews on my iPad, but it’s really hard on my phone


Yeeees! I just came here to see if there was an update
I’m having the same problem with my phone :(:pensive:


@Rosemary and @maniguigs We apologize for the inconvenience! We have released a new version of the beta, which you can access here. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!


This is great, I couldn’t use the beta for a while and this appears to run smooth. Thank you!


Thanks for being so fast in fixing this!
This app really makes things easier


Agreed, thanks for being so fast to fix it - I should add, I find the app incredibly useful - I’ve not given much feedback, as I haven’t found any problems with it. It works really well for me


Android Development

We are looking for someone to take over the Android development. If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact us at [email protected] Cheers!


The notification (almost always) displays a much higher number of reviews than the number of reviews actually available. When I tap on the notification to open

This bug affects me since I have started using the app (build 1.0(45) on iOS). I have already sent an email via the Testflight feedback button about a month ago, but I am not sure if you are still working on this. I have attached a screen capture below (which is not up to date, but the behavior did not change).

Having a wrong notification is still more useful than having none at all. But by now, I am used to just ignoring the number. Cheers!


Android app fails for me after few seconds… Not sure if that’s good idea but maybe open source the app ? API is paid anyway. Move to something which helps your develop for both platforms quickly (flutter i.e. ?). Might be able to help.


I would definetly help if the app becomes open source! Might even start my own project.