Project Ears (Passively increase your listening skill)

Hi guys!

Just wanted to give you all access to some of the personal listening resources that I have been using recently (while commuting, while at work, while walking… pretty much whenever).

To start with, I would just like to highlight that this is a personal project, is 100% free, is not affiliated with Bunpro and may or may not be available permanently. That said…

I have started taking the audio from many different varieties of anime (I will probably do the Japanese voice tracks of some common English sitcoms, like Friends etc soon), removing the opening and ending songs, converting them to MP3’s and altering the tracks slightly to enhance the clarity of voices. This is really good if you have seen an anime before, want to try listening to it, and think you may be able to follow it.

You can find all of the available material here!

Why it works -

  • Forced listening. When you watch something on TV, or when you are using subtitles, far less of your attention is on listening than you are intending. This is a format that will truly test your listening ability (and to be honest is still quite entertaining if you can follow along).

  • No visual reminders. When you read manga, or when you watch anime, you might not 100% remember some of the words that you read/hear, but the picture itself will jog your memory. Pure listening is equally as good as pure reading for getting a better idea of the words you ‘actually’ know.

  • Increases your immersion time immensely. If you are able to work while listening, listen to this kind of material before bed, listen to it on the train/bus/in the car, you are studying without putting in the active effort of study. Even if you only understand a few hundred words of what you are listening to, those few hundred words are being actively reinforced/given a stronger ‘home’ in your memory.

Who this is good for -

I honestly think this is good for absolutely anybody, as listening is the lowest mental strain form of study. Also, finding a genre of something that you enjoy could actually turn it into a part of your study that you quite like!

How to use it -

I have arranged everything into series/seasons (arcs for some of the longer anime), so all you need to do is download it and put it on your phone. Most media players will automatically arrange it into the correct tracks and folders for you.

Disclaimer -

This kind of media is in a bit of a gray area. The original source has been modified highly (green light), does not include the licensed music (green light), is being used for educational purposes (green light), and will not affect the commercial sales of the original animated work (green light).

However, should any of the copyright owners ever decide to issue a take-down request, I will comply with that request (hence why I cannot guarantee anything being permanently available).

Last note -

As mentioned, this is a personal project that I use to practice/increase my listening ability. I make these outside of my regular work hours, and (while I am open to requests), I cannot guarantee that anything specific will be added. Please feel free to check the link regularly though, as I try to make at least a few hundred new tracks per week (this is usually a few smaller series, or one bigger series).

I hope you guys enjoy this, and find it a valuable supplement to your studies!


This sounds great! Definitely something me and my useless hearing could do with, haha. Unfortunately the Drive needs access - is there a password or anything?


Oh sorry about that! I thought I had set it so that anyone with the link could access it. Here is a working link.


Awesome, thanks for sharing.

As a side-note, I have to say that there’s a lot of animes that have a side drama cd available, that’s also a very good source of listening practice, if anyone else feels like they need more resources.

Sometimes it comes with the original soundtrack interchanged like this and other times you have a dedicated media like this

There’s also audiobooks. I have a small project in mind soon, to read along some of the books available there with my copy of the book, but they can be a very good listening practice on their own too. If you go for light novels of animes, you will find quite a few times to be voiced at least by some of the same VAs.


Audiobooks are great, but unbelievably expensive! For the light novels that have been made in to audiobooks, (and for the people that can afford them), I definitely recommend those as well. The production value is fantastic!


They are very expensive indeed, but they have so good production value compared to the west, it’s an amazing work of art. But yeah, about 5000JPY per book can be a bit prohibitive.

They also are very slow releasing them, I guess because it requires so much work, and that it’s not read by only just one person quite often.


Sounds neat!
I was about to jokingly ask for One Piece when i discovered you already have it in there, heh.
Now i kinda want to rewatch it again though :flushed:


I only have the first few hundred at the moment haha… As I am sure you could guess, it is going to take a while to do all of them :rofl:


Agree 100%. I have a few volumes of ‘Overlord’ and ‘That time I was reincarnated as a slime’, and I had to stop buying them as it was just too unreasonable.


Damn you, @Asher ! I am on holiday and wasn’t planning on doing any studying!!!

goes off to change shedule to incorporate a re-watch of OP in the evening

All joking aside though, this is a fantastic resource! I’ve been thinking about doing an an audio loop for a while now, but - unlike you - I’ve been too lazy to actually start putting in the hard work…

So thanks for making the life of a lazy person a lot more convenient ^^


I just got the konosuba ones (if you haven’t guessed already). But yeah I had to stop going into new series at all.


If you are in Japan, you can get Audible premium. Sadly they check the region of my card, so I can’t sign up for it.

For 1.500JPY they give you a coin for free to purchase whatever you want, and there’s currently a 2 month free trial with a coin each month.

Also proof of my commitment


I’ve been listening to NHK Radio and changing between the 3 channels depending on my mood and radio segments. Do note that I’m also using NordVPN connected to Japan’s IP address, so there might be problems if you’re not using a VPN service.

At the moment, Discover Queen segment is on NHK-FM and enjoying how they say Wembley and Another One Bites The Dust in Japanese pronunciation.

The DJs sound so enthusiastic that I’m just chuckling every now and then, despite not understanding probably more than half of what they’re saying.


If anyone doesn’t have a JP VPN at hand, ProtonVPN has free JP servers, but I haven’t tested it with NHK Radio. Your mileage might vary.


I can at least confirm it works with ProtonVPN paid servers, don’t know if they have separate free and paid servers or not though :man_shrugging:


Yes, they do. Paid can access the free ones though (although there’s usually no reason to).
I often find the free ones good enough for what I do.


Thanks for this. Hopefully this may come in useful as background listening.


too good for this world. we don’t deserve you.



Thanks a lot! Could you please add jojo?


I am planning on doing Jojo! It should be there sometime within the next week or two :blush:

Afterall, it’s the best anime to learn the word やかましい, from. :rofl: