Add multiple grammar topics to review

How can i add multiple grammar topics to review at once? I see how to add individual grammar topics one at a time. This is time confusing. Is there a tip?

You don’t add grammar points to your reviews, other than the very first time you learn them. After that they will come back in increasing intervals so you can review them at a decent pace. See here for a detailed explanation.

If you mean selecting multiple grammar points to add to review all that once, I think that can only be done if you are following a path. Otherwise you will have to go to each individual grammar point and add it to reviews. However, you don’t have to do the review right after you add, you can add multiple grammar points first and then click to do the review.

Another method is to use the Study option if you are following BP order. You set the number of points per session in your settings and then every time you decide to do Study, you learn that many points (reading through the info) and then have a review for them.

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