Category Topics


Discussion about Bunpro. A place to discuss anything and everything related to Bunpro and your experience using it. Talk about your latest review, your method of adding grammar or make suggestions of ways to improve the site.


Discuss your love of Japanese, or at least your mild interest in it. If you have any questions about Japanese, whether they are grammar related or not, feel free to ask them here. Likewise, maybe you can impart some of your wisdom on a newer, less experienced learner of Japanese.

Book Clubs

Book Clubs are a place where we encourage users to join in reading groups with others of a similar level and put your knowledge to practical application. Join in and make suggestions, learn new things, but most of all, have fun with us!

Grammar Points

The Grammar Points category is for discussion about each grammar point. Each grammar point on Bunpro will be linked to a designated topic here.

Reading Discussion

Reading Discussion is the home of conversations related to Bunpro’s graded reading practice activities. Have you been able to read our short stories after tackling each grammar unit? Let us know about your experiences here!