General issue I'm having with BunPro

Hello, sometimes the answer I give is incorrect and when I check what the answer should be - it’s not clear to me why.

For example, just learned ~ておく.
The questions was:
Will you make tomorrow’s bento (in advance) for me tonight?
Answer: つくっておいて

I have no idea why the ending is いて.

Besides the question why いて is being used here, in cases like this, what’s the best way to figure out something like this? The only thing I could think of was searching on BP for いて and ‘will’ but that lead to nothing.

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おいて is the て-form of おく. It may be for a bunch of reasons depending on the sentence, for example, after the つくっておいて having a くれる, to indicate a favor. What’s the sentence, in Japanese?


Thanks, I found the answer in this thread - ておく - Grammar Discussion - #28 by qazrt

I get it now - the confusing part was that I’m learning in the BunPro order and ~て (Casual Request) hasn’t been taught to me yet.

Searching the forums is probably the best way to figure out stuff like this :slight_smile: