Gonna try

I have a mountain of reviews—over 130 in the past couple months. I have forgotten most of it How do i get it done, and also how much new grammar should i do to finishing bunpro within a year?

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Hmm to ‘finish’ BP in a year :thinking:

I guess there are 2 definitions of ‘finish’.

  • Reviewed every grammar point - ‘unlocked’ it effectively.
  • Every grammar point is at master level

Well, adding up all the different grammar point on my dashboard comes to 910 items.


Lets say it takes 10 seconds to select a grammar point and add it as a review.
910*10=9100 seconds/60=151mins/60= 2.5 hours.

So definition one, about 2 and a half hours.

So you’ve added all the grammar points in 2.5 hours, how long will it take to get them to master’d level.

Assuming always getting correct answers.

Each grammar point has a total of 12 SRS intervals (the number of times you see a grammar point appear in your review queue) before a grammar point is considered “mastered” (Wanikani users will be familiar with the term “burned"). The SRS algorithm is 4hrs, 8hrs, 24hrs, 2 days, 4 days, 8 days, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, and 6 months for finished. This means that if your SRS indicator displays “3" in your reviews and you get your answer correct, you will see a new sentence for that grammar point in two days’ time.

I think it’s a case of adding these numbers up.

Because I’m lazy I asked chatGPT to do this

So the answer to the 2nd part is 420 days or so.

Presumably this means doing 910 reviews a day. Mmm let’s say it takes a minute on average to do a review.

910 items at 1 per minute = 910mins, so 910/60 = 15 hours.

Each round of reviews will take around 15 hours to do.

And, because we’re assuming perfect answering, there will be 11 rounds of reviews.

15hrs per 11 rounds of reviews = 166 hours or around 7 days.

I’m not sure about the impact of the first couple of SRS review levels occuring more frequently that it’s possible to complete a 15 hour round of reviews.

I don’t think it’s going to massively change the end date, but you might need to start add in other factors like sleeping and eating time. That first week will be pretty crazy.

Anyway, to conclude, to ‘finish’ BP takes about 2.5 hours or 7 days worth of reviews over 420 days depending on how you want to classify it.

Caveat: Maths is not a strong point of mine :slight_smile:


By another measure, the generally known record setting times for passing the N1 are around 9 months for non-Korean or Chinese learners. I heard rumour of Chinese students passing the N1 in 6 months (obviously they can’t speak at all) but I haven’t seen any verification of that. To pass the N1 in that time you need to get 6ish hours of high quality input every day, add thousands of vocab/grammar flashcards, have a seriously good attitude, and probably be cosmically lucky on multiple levels. More realistically 18-36 months is a fast but not impossible pace to pass the N1. More commonly 3-10 years is needed. In fact just giving up or losing interest is the most common option by far.

The point I am obliquely making is that fnishing Bunpro as quickly as possible is going to be a basically pointless exercise in the vast vast majority of cases. It will not make you good at Japanese unless you do all the other work, with the other work being far more important.

Having said that, I know for a fact there is someone out there somewhere who is gonna set a new record and blow my mind so if that is you then I would love to see it so genuinely good luck lol


Btw, there are vocab decks on Bunpro to try too :nerd_face:

Take your time to look around and enjoy :+1:

What N level of grammar would I be at?

i am in no rush. i should probably add 1 to 2 grammar points a day because Bunpro gives you like 20 different sentences. i probs reach start of n2 by next year, November

and ps how do i make sure that i remember that grammar point instead of the sentence?

This gives me vibes of that “N1 JLPN in six months” thread a long while back. I got my popcorn ready just in case.


I went and skimmed that thread because of this comment…(笑)One day one of those posts will be real and someone will do it (although maybe being the sort of person who can achieve that sort of thing prohibits you from making that sort of post). Also feels incredibly weird that I started learning Japanese after that thread was created.

Anyway here is my plan to do the JLPN1 in 4 hours or less:

  1. Go to the test centre
  2. Sit the test

4 hours is a lot faster than 6 months so I am the winner of Japanese now.


There’s a universe where you take the mythological JLPN1 and managed to get a perfect score just by winging it.

For hilarity’s sake, I sure hope it’s this universe.


In a way it’s a shame that there’s breaks in-between. If it was one long exam, you could just colour in the answer sheet and leave. Then arguably it would be N1 in the take it takes to fill in the answer sheet.

“Hi guys, check out my new video, JLPTN1 in two and a half minutes yo!”


na i wont realized the reviews would be crazy only gonna do 1-2 grammer luckily i got gifted a year of bunpro so i have time before i have to pay

yea i put this through a calculator its like 900 reviews daily lol

i did the n4 mock test winged it but failed like 46 percent haah