Help with reading colleagues’ handwriting

I asked a colleague in the end and apparently it says 点数, which I really can’t get from that :joy:
The context is that my colleague is writing an English diary every day to improve her English skills but she wanted me to translate first so she could compare over the weekend.

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For 数 , 女 looks like 一 and 米 looks like ハ…:thinking:

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I’ll start the guessing with:
住民票? と 印かん(いんかん)が 必要です
車_? or 較? 証明は こちらでとります

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This is definitely right, thanks!

Definitely 車. This is the guy I’m buying a car from.

No idea how you did that. Thanks :joy:

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A little bit of google translate using the handwriting input, a little bit of seeing my cousin’s really sloppy handwriting, and a little bit of deductive reasoning. I like puzzles. :smile:

There’s another kanji (車 :black_square_button: 証明) but it sounds like I got the parts you needed.

Glad to help!


@matt_in_mito, @FredKore

The last word is 車庫証明


Ohh yes you’re right! It’s a guy at my church selling me his car and the car park is going to be at the house of a lady at the same church who lives a 5-min walk down the road from me - they said they were going to sort it out for me. Thanks!

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You are a wizard!

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What town??

This thread makes me feel like I’ve been studying a completely different language.


Looks kinda like 平成町

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Could be… but the stroke order doesn’t seem quite right for that… hmm…

Install armedbanana in anything you can, you’ll become indestructible.

Or, as me and a friend jokingly call it, 武器持ちバナナ

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Don’t know what is above the 平, but it could be 字平成田. I have seen people draw 田 that indiscernably before. Originally I thought it was 巴, but that didn’t yield any results.

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@Daru that looks really interesting.
@Asher nah it’s not that unfortunately.

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残念です, do you know any of the kanji 100%? I actually thought the second one could have been 械 at first.

Yeah it’s definitely 平〇町, so it’s just the middle one I need. I’ll check on the post office web site when I get home.

@jrmr50 @EbonyMidget @Daru @Asher 平磯町ひらいそちょう

That is not by any stretch of the imagination an 磯…
I’ll ask my calligraphy teacher in class tomorrow if it’s an abbreviated style I didn’t know about.