Hiding furigana when using WaniKani sync and Genki path

Hello, I’m new here so forgive me if I’ve overlooked something. I have my account synced with WaniKani and am using the Genki I path. However, in the study/reviews/readings, I’m still seeing furigana for words I’ve learned in WaniKani.

Do I have something misconfigured, or does the WaniKani furigana hiding not work when using Genki path?

Thank you!

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I remember having to fiddle around with that for a bit in the beginning as well. I don’t quite remember what fixed it, but I believer it was clicking one of the known words that still had furigana on it to turn them off, and then reloading the page.

It seems to be some sort of cache issue, this older post describes a more detailed method that might also work:

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I have got the same issue.

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I went ahead and filed a support request. The above fixes didn’t work for me unfortunately.

Well, right after I posted that, I went back into Settings. Toggled all the related settings off/on, then pressed WaniKani vocab sync, and now it seems to be working!

Give that a shot