How does gettig XP work?


On the whole I don’t really care about XP or leveling, but I noticed something today that got me wondering.
Before when I did reviews I would get XP for each correct answer (or so it seemed, I didn’t really pay much attention to that) but earlier today I did a review session of about 70 items, and halfway through I noticed my XP doesn’t seem to be rising much. So I started paying attention to the counter, and it turns out most of the reviews gave me no XP. This is contrary to what I found in the FAQ:
“Every time you input a correct answer for a grammar point in reviews, you will receive XP.” I just did another round of reviews, with 13 items. This time I got no XP whatsoever.
The FAQ says I get an amount of XP based on the item’s streak. If I’m on a “streak” of 1, I should get 10 XP. But there’s no rule defining when I’m getting 0 XP.


Ghost reviews don’t give any XP, so that’s likely what is happening.


Alright, and is there a way to “unghost” reviews? If I get them correct enough times in a row, will they come back to life? Or will they be ghosts for evermore?


Just found the FAQ for it, this should help you more than my memory: Bunpro FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

(Be sure to hit the “Learn More” text.)


Assuming ghost reviews are the ones marked with a little ghost icon, I can now confirm that it’s not just ghost reviews that don’t give me any XP.


Aside from a bug, the only other thing I can think of is if they’re self study questions, since I don’t think those give XP either.


Definitely not doing self study.


The xp system has all kinds of issues. I have done brand new items from N2 and not get any xp. I just ignore it.


I’m pretty new here, but I think I’ve observed something relevant to this: Sometimes, XP I earn isn’t displayed until a couple seconds or sometimes a good minute after I have entered an answer and moved on. Maybe that’s what’s happening to you?

It looks pretty silly to see the XP bar suddenly rise up a couple points whilst I haven’t even entered anything for the question I’m looking at yet, I’ve grown to like that quirk of the system :smile: