Major Update! - December 3, 2018


I love the XP feature! Always like gamifying my studies.

A few concerns though:

If XP is tied only to getting a sentence right the first time, then that means there’s only a set amount of XP available in total, based on how many sentences there are per grammar point. And, if like you said, ghost reviews don’t count towards XP, then if you ever get a sentence wrong enough to the point it becomes a ghost review then you’ll never get XP for that sentence.

Also, if we have already marked some grammar points as have already been learned then we also lose out on all that potential XP since we’ll never have sentences for those points to review.


@Pushindawood: @Swinter’s comment is something I strongly agree with. I find the new XP bar distracting and frankly, not useful (to me). However, I often search the Grammar section or go to the forums via the menu during reviews, so setting focus to “on” is incredibly inconvenient.

EDIT: Plus I still want to see how many reviews I have left in the session. Yet another reason I don’t want to turn this focus thing on.

EDIT 2: Wow, and also a big “level up” animation while I’m doing reviews… Incredibly distracting…


Yeah, same here, have like 15+ since early sept. Oh well, I’ll probably end up hiding my streak eventually when the option comes up anyway, to avoid worrying about breaking it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m surprised everybody has such a high streak, I’ve been doing my reviews every day and only got a one day streak… I guess this is related to UTC time based or so since sometimes I did the review late in the evening and such. Yep I’ll also probably just turn it off when/if the option arrives.

I like however the XP system with the tweaking that has been mentioned already by other users here (rewarding ghost reviews), I see there great potential.

For me the Level up is not really distracting, as it only shows very briefly and nothing to fancy. I actually almost missed it because I was to focused on the review haha

As for counting only correctly answered Sentences, I would also be curious on, if all sentences are counted together are those then these 800k XP?

Also am still not a big fan of the XP bar at the bottom as it is quite distracting from my point of view.

The Focus is ok but still not ideal I think, after using it now for some time. I think most people like that the XP bar is hidden, but not the menu :wink: I think there might be three simple options to make it more usable with the menu but still keeping the good aspect of staying focused:

  • Show Menu when hovering over the Top of the Screen.
  • Reduce Menu to Bubble. Display Menu by clicking on the bubble.
  • Hide Menu as is. Display on Keyboard-Shortcut.
  • Keep the focus option as is.

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Yep, there’s definitely something going on with regards to time zones. I’ve noticed that if I do my reviews or lessons after a certain time, it counts towards the next day.


For the last month I’ve been doing 10 lessons every day in order to cram for N3, and sometimes it shows zero for one day and 20 for the next.


Funny how we all voted for something different xD To explain my vote:

I’m someone who hates clicking. The less actions I have to take, the faster I can get to where I want, the better. I find any multi-clicking UI to be bad UI. Since ‘bubble’ involves an extra step for me, I decided against it.

I’m partial to keyboard shortcut. I’d be into that more if that was a full toggle on/off of the focus feature rather than just a toggle for the menu. If it’s just the latter, then I’ll stay with hovering. You’ll have to move your mouse up there to click on the menu links regardless, which makes hovering the least amount of effort for me :'D

And I agree with timezones. I had a two day streak, then after I did my reviews, it went down to one. So I guess it switched before I had the chance to do my reviews yesterday. (It was mid-day for me, EST timezone.)


I loved these additions! Good work!

I’d like to suggest that you guys offer to send buttons when we reached some big milestone like achieving level 10, 50, and 100.

I’d love to wear them and show my friends!


Focus mode: please remove the background image / Mt. Fuji in Focus mode. This is still the most distracting thing on mobile and the reason why I’m still using the classic theme.


Isn’t the classic mode the thing that has Mt. Fuji? If it’s distracting why not just switch to one of the modern themes?


@lopicake Thank you for your feedback! I apologize for the confusing reply. Receiving XP is tied to your streak and not necessarily to the sentence that you are reviewing. Therefore, if a grammar point currently only has three sentences available, you can still reach the maximum XP for it by getting it to streak 12. In order to “complete” a review session you must eventually get all of the answers correct at least once. This means that even if you got some items incorrect and create a ghost review, but still put in a correct answer at some point for that sentence, you will get XP. Currently we have Bunpro set up to give you the maximum earnable XP for marking off grammar points as “known”. Let us know if you have any more questions. Cheers!

@seanblue, @conan and @Andulien Thank you both for your feedback. We are working on ways to improve how Focus works and how XP will be displayed to make it more intuitive and less distracting. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!

@Seraseth, @conan and @jacobalbano Thank you all for your feedback. We are working on getting the timezone issue sorted out. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!

@misterkite Thank you for your kind words! Perhaps we can come up with something to send you in the future. Cheers!

@Anthropos888 Thank you for your feedback. We are still tinkering with better ways to implement Focus and make it more intuitive. We will take your suggestion into account moving forward. Cheers!


The classic theme has a bamboo tree in the backgroung with very low alpha which is not distracting. The modern themes have Mt. Fuji and the bright snow summit runs directly through my buttons (copy/jisho) on mobile which is a pain for the eyes.

Besides that, I actually like the classic theme. In combination with focus mode and hidden grammar hints it’s a really nice interface now. :ok_hand:


Interesting. I only used the modern themes for all of 5 minutes, so I guess I never noticed there was still something in the background.


@seanblue @Andulien @Anthropos888 The top navbar, stats (SRS level, percentage and so on), and background image on modern are now dimmed instead of hidden. You can hover (or tap on mobile) to bring the navbar or stats to full opacity. Please let me know your thoughts. I am happy to tweak it further if there is something I missed.


Looks good and is useful if users quickly want to check the information in the top bar. But I personally prefer a completely hidden top bar, so that I can’t “cheat” when looking at the SRS level or the ghost sign. So if it’s not too complicated you could add a setting for that:
Focus mode: “on / off / dimmed”


@BunproAdmin I really like this way now actually. Especially with the dark Theme, you can hardly see the top menu unless you hover over it. So for me that is the perfect solution :smiley: So I do understand like @Anthropos888 said, that everybody has their own preferences. Anyways, for me Focus, the way it is currently implemented, stay on :+1:

One Minor Bug however. The Mountain at the bottom in the Dark Theme does not seem to be hidden completely. See the screenshot I took at the bottom.


This is great! Thank you!


I’m a bit confused. I’m on level 20 out of 100 so presumably 20% of the way there, which sounds ok, but in points I’m 20K out of 800K, which is only 0.25%, which sounds like I’ve achieved virtually nothing. If I’ve spent a year so far, will it take me 4 more years or 400?


I don’t think focus mode should hide the number of reviews remaining. To me it’s essential to know how many you have left, while most of the other information is noise.


@FranCott As you progress through Bunpro and move up SRS levels (streak) you will gain more and more XP. However, the amount of XP required to level up also increases so it will take a little bit longer to level up each time. The 800K XP number also takes into account some additional grammar points and N1 material that we will be adding in the future. We may adjust how levels and XP work going forward. Cheers!


Woot, 10day streak badge!

Makes me wish the 80 or so days before the update counted too :stuck_out_tongue: