My 1 year+ streak of doing Japanese daily

This is exceptionally good advice that more people should listen to. Jumping around from author to author can be quite demotivational, because you get exposed to too many words too quickly.

Following one series all the way through can allow you to read uninterrupted after the 2nd or 3rd book usually, as you’ll have absorbed all of that authors regular vocabulary choices.


Hmmm. I’ll take that in mind, I didn’t buy any Vol. 2 of those novels I posted earlier, but I’ll do on my next order, and see how I fare Vol.1 vs Vol.2

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I found the orange ones, from Shuheisha. They have popular titles like Demon Slayer

If I manage to remember which label are the blue ones, I’ll report back.


I am not sure if you’re talking about the books that I’m thinking of (blue books), but 青い鳥文庫 could be it.

They have lots of good stuff graded per school year as well.

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Ah yes, that’s it. At some point I found out that each publisher had their own label, but it slipped my mind.

I’ll write down on my discord where I keep all my Japanese stuff in case it goes away from my brain again.


So I have checked learnatively, but it’s not ideal. I guess grammar wise I prefer that it’s graded by JLPT, but after switching to learning Kanji through Japanese school grades, it has become a bit of an issue stumbling upon things like this.

I think I’ll still be able to use it though, keeping track of the books, and the grading should still give me a general idea of how unreachable a book is.


I’m really early into my reading journey, so it’s really helpful to have a trail of breadcrumbs to follow… Those links above look lovely, but I really have no idea if/when to tackle them… Yeah I can navigate through to the first page (not always the easiest) and attempt it, but it’s a much better experience to gauge my level number (its around 12-14 on that site) and then look for titles around there…


Yeah, and answering your question after browsing for a bit.

Some of the books are there, some aren’t. For example I found:
Red (Tsubasa Label): 怪盗レッド | Natively - Learn through native resources

Which means I bought a LVL25 book which is a bit imposing, so we will see…

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but you’re level 43 on bunpro and an N3 JLPT so you’ll kick it’s ass :smile:

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Are you sure about that?

Sticking to one series / author (at a time) is more for later when you pick up actual light novel series. Don’t worry so much for this right now.

Also keep in mind that on Amazon / Bookwalker / other places its possible to read the intro sample of the book. It can give some idea of the “difficulty” of the book. :slight_smile:



The novels arrived, so I’ll add them to my daily/weekly to-do list depending on how time consuming/doable is.

I’ll have also to see what to go first, any recommendations?
Haruhi and Summer Wars I know what they are about, the other two I’m going in blind.

PS: Goddamn the Haruhi one is thicc.


Don’t get burnt out! Pace yourself and let us know how it goes!


I thought I’d lay on bed and read until I get tired before sleeping at night, instead of wasting my life browsing memes and random youtube videos.

Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to fall asleep at more decent hours while being productive?

I’ll be sure to share the progress. I did a quick sample of each, and I still don’t know which one to go. Haruhi is definitely last for the obvious difficulty reasons.


Go with the book you want to read the most. :smiley:
Or if you want, go with the book which is the smallest. It would feel great to actually finish a book.

Great idea!! It will really help with sleep too.


Got any tips so your brain doesn’t automatically divert to furigana before trying to read it?

It seems to take an awful amount of willpower on my part, similar to watching anime with subs enabled. It feels like my brain goes into self-driving mode.

BTW, I have decided to go with the more cheesy Hoshi ni Negai Wo!, it was similar size to Kaitou Red, but I think the difficulty might be a bit lower. We will see…


If you ever figure this out, let me know :sweat_smile: It’s so bad with me that if the furigana is to small to be legible, but I’m still sure of the reading I still spent WAAAAY to long checking if the blur of furigana could match my suspected reading… Brains be dumb some times…

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Naturally, our brains are lazy and having the furigana there is a nice shortcut… haha
(I feel like I do this quite a bit too :joy: …)

I can relate with @mathijsdm … I used to try to read the small “blurs” too hehe. In some physical manga its really difficult (especially towards the bend in the middle ) haha :smiley:

  • Try to look at the kanji first and then the furigana.
  • Sometimes, I re-read the sentence and tried to look at the kanji first, ignoring the furigana…
  • Initially try to read slowly and not worry about this. Slowly over time try to build speed. (Reading the kanji is faster than reading furigana, right? hehe )
  • At one point I used to read a long with a peace of paper to cover the furigana. Only checking when I am not sure

On the bonus side, just by seeing some words with the furigana so many times (in these books), later you will hopefully recognize them in other media without the furigana.
Also, light novels / books / games would have the furigana on some vocab on the first time only when seeing that word. (ie don’t ignore the furigana :joy: haha)

Don’t worry about that too much. Reading and building comprehension is difficult enough. :slight_smile:


Since the introduction of the Buddy System and also in order to better keep track of my daily grind, I have added my Bookmeter and Learnnatively profiles to the main post.

I’d be interested if someone else uses this services and wants to share their own profile, to do follows respectively!

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Happy to share my learnnatively profile,

It’s a bunch of graded readers for the majority, so probably not that interesting for you… of more interesting to newbies…


Sent a follow!

I’m updating both learnnatively and Bookmeter at the same time.
Although lately my reading has been on hiatus due to RL™ stuff.