Progression question

I’m doing a Bunpro + WaniKani + Duolingo combo, and I’m having trouble understanding the progression method for Bunpro. Unlike WaniKani and Duolingo, there doesn’t seem to be any automatic way to organically add lessons to my list, I have to manually go into the lesson and add it to my reviews.

Is this by nature? Or am I missing a core function. I feel like this is both beneficial and not. Beneficial in the fact that I am not overloaded too quickly by new vocab, and I can focus on a few lessons at a time on my own time. But I also feel like that I won’t be progressing as quickly if I wasn’t pushed to learn new vocab, other than me wanting to add new things when I start answering too many questions correctly in a row.

So, how should I use Bunpro in a conducive manner as to facilitate my grammatical growth? If this is answered somewhere, please direct me to it.

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Try out the “study” buton


Thank you for the response!

I clicked on that once, and I could have sworn that it had chosen something that was already in my study list. But must have been mistaken, or just misidentified the grammar point, as I do now see that it choses new grammar lessons.

Thank you! I feel so silly having not realized it gave you new lessons.

Ninja edit:

How does it chose new lessons? Is there a way to chose a path?

Clicking the :star: in the Paths section.

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Wow, did I miss a tutorial somewhere? Thank you very much.

Another Ninja Edit:

Yep, I guess it would be a good thing to look at the FAQ. Thanks again.

Maybe it’s obsolete now, given all the features that’ve been added since I first progressed through 文プロ, but I outlined my preferred study method here:

A few other users also shared what worked for them there :slight_smile:

Note: I only seriously started working through 文プロ after I’d reached 60 in Wanikani and had continued doing its reviews for ~4 months, to let my review count there settle down first. Since I raced through it, I had hundreds of reviews per day for quite a while :sweat:


Thank you for your reply! I’m trying to find that balance of enough to learn, but not so much as to overwhelm. I’ll keep the higher levels in mind.

My advice would be to let Review count dictate studying new grammar (from time to time).
Say your Reviews go bellow 40 or so in a day, add new grammar.

The best thing about Bunpro (and the worst thing) is that it’s super customizable. The main thing is to have fun and enjoy the journey.