Set number of questions in the quiz/review?

Hello, I’m new here! So far I’m liking Bunpro - I’m not new in studying Japanese so I really like the Cram sessions to refresh old knowledge. I especially like how you can set the number of questions per grammar point.

I would like to see if this feature is available in the Learn quiz and subsequent reviews. Right now when I only get 1 question per grammar item; is there a way to set it with a higher number? I find that it doesn’t stick as much when there’s only one question. My current workaround is going straight to Cram after the Learn quiz and adding the new items I just learned for practice, but is there a more straightforward way?

Thank you in advance!


From my experience, the only way to get more practice immediately afterwards is a cram. I would be interested in a gauntlet of questions when first learning a grammar point myself, as the initial quiz is in the same order as your learn in, it is quite easy to just immidiately remember the grammar point without learning the grammar point.


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Nope, not that I know of. When you “learn” you only get the 1 question per point, in random order from my experience. I wouldn’t worry about cramming them immediately after tho. It’ll keep asking you questions in “review” based on how well you remember it. It’ll ask you again later in the day, and the next day and so on depending how you answer. If correct, it’ll wait longer to ask you. If fail, it asks you again on that session and sooner than before. If I find that it’s really just not sticking after a while I’ll review it’s info again to see what I’m missing, and then maybe cram. But it usually works itself out with just the one question per review session over time

You can also check out more resources in the info tab of the grammar points for extra foundation


Thank you for the insight!

I guess this kind of question type (fill-in) is new for me and the one giving me a hard time, since I have to remember specifically the structure and its usage based on the context provided. Very different memory muscles involved than the typical JP>EN flashcards. I’ll follow your advice and let the system work as intended. Thank you!

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You might also be interested in checking out how ghosts work so you can adjust that setting how you like

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