A list of some Youtube channels that might help you

I’ve made a list of Youtube channels that maybe aren’t as popular as Japanese Ammo with Misa and Miku Sensei, but I think they might be helpful on your journey of learning Japanese. I posted this list yesterday on Wanikani forum and now I’m posting it here.

Sorry, I won’t be able to reply to any comment. I’m feeling so overwhelmed because of work and studies, I’m thinking of staying away from social media and forums for some time.

**Bonus:**Added links to some podcasts below this list.

AHR Japan School
Aipon Japanese
Aira’s English
All ears Japanese
Arai Channel
Ask your sensei
Caillou (in Japanese)
Chibi Marukochan
Comprehensible Japanese
Crazy Japanese
Crazy Japanese lessons
Easy Japanese with Yuri
Eriko Kasai
Free Japanese School by Sushi-chan
Fun Japanese learning
Gariben TV
Genki Japanese
Hama Sensei
Hana English
Hiro English
Hiro JP Academy
Ichiro English
Iroha Nihongo Kyoushi
Japanese smiles
Japanese by chunking
Japanese Immersion with Asami
Japanese Language Hub
Japanese language & culture
Japanese language and Jobs
Japanese lessons with mom and daughter
Japanese Lesson
Japanese listening with Anzucotty
Japanese pronunciation
Japanese Satou-channel
Japanese Songs with Risako
Japanese Swotter
Japanese with Ayu
Japanese with Hanako
Japanese with Shun
Japanese with Yuka
Japonés con Lily
JP Launch
K Nihongo Channel
Kids Tube
Kiku Nihongo
Konnichi What`s up
Kosenda Sensei
Learn Japanese 1616
Learn Japanese with manga
Learn Japanese with Noriko
Learning Japanese with Taka
Learn Kanji
Masa Sensei
Masako Ng
Masanori Mori
Megane Japanese Teacher
Michiyo Wojnovich
Midori no Nihongo
Miho’s Happy Japanese
Mina Luna Japanese
Minami Emi no Tsure Radio
Minori Education
Mirai Sensei
Moshi Moshi Yuusuke
Ms A Soma
Nami Ohara
Natural Japanese at a glance
Necota’s Japanese language classroom
Neko sensei
Nin Japanese
Nihongo Benkyou Channel
Nihon no Iroha
Nihongo .com
Nihongo Class
Nihongo & English Diary
Nihongo Learning Fujiko to Fujio
Nihongo Lingo
Nihongo no Sensei
Nihongo Oshiekata
Nihongo Switch
Nihongo to tabi
Nihongo with Sakina
Organic Japanese with Cure Dolly
Plain Japanese
Planta Japon
Practical Japanese
RAM Sensei
Ryuichi Miyazaki
Sakura Nihongo Kyoushitsu
Sakura Tips
Sayuri Saying
Sesame Street in Japanese
Shino Sensei
Shintaro’s Japanese room
Shoshinsha Eikawa lesson by Misuharu
SK Home
Soshi sensei
Speak Japanese Naturally
Study in Native Eikaiwa
Taka Vlog
The real Japanese podcast
Tomo Sensei
Tsuyoshi sensei
VR Nihongo
Wright Juku
Y Suzuki Learning Center
Yoko Nihongo
Yoo Sensei
Yoshiko’s Japanese class
Yudai Sensei
Yukako Agency
Yuki’s Japanese TV
Yuki Hasegawa
Yuko Japanese
Yukkuri Nihongo
Yumi Ura
Yuri Sensei
Yuyu Nihongo Podcast Mini

Bonus - Podcasts
Japanese Mania - PDF files with scripts in Japanese
Japanese with Noriko - scripts on her website
Kotsu Kotsu Nihongo with Mizuki - scripts on her website
Listen to Real Japanese
Nihongo-M - link to scripts on her Anchor page
Sakura Tips - scripts on her website
Shirokuro Papa - All the sentences are on his Twitter
The real Japanese podcast - scripts on her website
Yuyu Nihongo

Update 2021-06-03T00:00:00Z
Added to the YT list:
-Free Japanese School by Sushi-chan
-Organic Japanese with Cure Dolly
-Japanese Language Hub
-Midori no Nihongo
-Moshi Moshi Yuusuke
-Japanese pronunciation
-Sesame Street in Japanese


Thank you for the comprehensive list. Are you the same person who posted this on Reddit perchance?

He gets a bit of a bad rap sometimes but I have always liked Japanese From Zero and would recommend George and his videos if you want some motivation for learning. I often drop in when I feel down about Japanese because his enthusiasm and point of view always cheers me up. That’s coming from someone who has studied for over five years and passed various levels of JLPT etc. Enjoy!

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I can’t stand Japanese ammo voice for some reason :(. Her information is good but I just can’t listening her voice for more than 10 minute for some reason. I’m so sorry Misa.


Love the list, but … Where’s the Japanese Sesame Street Youtube channel? I use it daily to improve my listening. My vocab and grammar are good, but listening comprehension is were I struggle. They speak a bit slower in the video’s and they’re subtitled. It would highly recommend it. :slight_smile:


You might like these hukumusume - YouTube

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Thanks for the list! Here’s a couple more I know of:

Sarah Moon Japanese is good for beginners :slight_smile: She covers Genki 1 and is working on Genki 2.

Onomappu covers onomatopoeia with other topics.

Another one I know to add to the list:

Nihongo no Mori. This one has helped me greatly for JLPTs


Here are 5 more great Podcasts (please add them to the list)
JLPT Stories
Let’s Talk in Japanese! N5-N2 (scripts for some episodes are available on his website)
The teacher “Teppei Sensei” has 3 different podcasts covering different levels.
Nihongo Con Teppei for Beginners
Nihongo Con Teppei
Japanese with Teppei and Noriko


More channels added to the list!

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Great list, but I’m shocked ToKini Andy isn’t on here! I really enjoy his approach.

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Thanks for sharing, this looks awesome! Have you been going through Genki with these lessons?

I don’t have the book, but I’ve been following along with that playlist and it’s the first time a learning path really stuck for me. The example conversations he does as he introduces the concepts are brilliant, especially since you get a chance to try to figure out what they say before he shows the translation.

Awesome, thanks! This might be perfect for my wife since she wants to get the workbook.

Also, to add to the list, I’ve watched several of the videos on this playlist and they’re been really helpful. I like his approach.

Japanese 101 by Game Grammar

Game gengo could also be added.

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When I have some downtime, I watch some food cooking. Specifically リュウジのバズレシピ. It’s fun and you get to look at delicious food. Videos are just short enough to get some understanding out of them, and well, learning to cook is a side benefit

I agree. His channel isn’t really my thing, but can’t deny his passion and enthusiasm.

For beginners:
Cure Dolly


Japanese with Shun is a podcast I found on Spotify. It’s pretty good for beginners. The host uses mostly Genki 1 grammar and commonplace vocabulary. He’s also fluent in Japanese, and gives a Japanese → English wrap up of some key words every episode.

Edit: I’m a dummy. That’s already on the YouTube list. Well, I’ll leave this here for the description and alternative means of access.

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A few grammar focused play lists that you might find useful:

Sarah Moon - Japanese For Beginners (JLPT N5) Genki I
Sarah Moon - Intermediate Japanese (JLPT N4) Genki 2
NihonGoal - Japanese Grammar Lessons for JLPT N5 and N4
NihonGoal - Japanese Grammar Lessons for JLPT N3
Game Gengo - Genki series
Game Gengo - Grammar series
ToKini Andy - JLPT 5 Genki 1
ToKini Andy - JLPT 4 Genki 2
ToKini Andy - JLPT 3 Quartet 1
ToKini Andy - JLPT 2 Quartet 2