A question about the study question 「その犬とこの犬、____が好きですか?」

For「その犬とこの犬、____が好きですか?」 why is the answer どちら and not どの?

It’s because どの is used for 3 or more items, while どちら is used exclusively for 2 items.

EDIT: I just noticed that there’s a Caution box that explains exactly this in the どの grammar point:

You must’ve missed it :blush:.


Thank you, I did miss that! :sweat_smile:


Even if it was more than two dogs, どの can’t be used here directly before the が, it would have to be どれ.

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I thought about adding that info, but the BunPro link already takes care of it, so I didn’t. But yeah, that’s another reason.