A question about the vocab 「解く」


For some reason, even though the furigana reads as ほどく, I always hear とく when using the audio for this vocab. I know the word 解く when it reads とく, but I thought ほどく meant something different. I am, certainly, somewhat hard of hearing, so it might be me, but could you confirm the reading, please?

Thanks in advance.

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toku appears to be more common, but they are both words. their most common meaning appears to be basically the same, but toku is a little more broad in how it can be interpreted (solve, etc)

Thank you! Do you hear “toku” or “hodoku” when using the audio here on BunPro?

I hear toku

Edit: curious how it’ll be when they implement a new tts

Heh you are right, all example sentences in ほどく (解く (JLPT N3) | Bunpro) sound like とく.

Hi there, just popping in to say that this is a TTS error (which is only used for Vocab at the moment), and I’ve added it to our list of corrections to be made. This kind of stuff tends to happen more often with kanji that have multiple readings in vocabulary, so we appreciate you mentioning this. You can also report this directly from the vocab or study question itself.

If you have any other questions feel free to ping us! :call_me_hand: