About resetting

For a short background, I started about two years ago to study Japanese, a completely new language to me, which means that I started from learning hiragana and katakana. Rocket Languages was inspiring and the audio lessons kept me motivated (still keeps). I also started Wanikani very briefly and added Bunpro for the grammar.

I’m doing all this for fun, so my pace is slow and comfortable. Despite that I do something every day (be it new kanjis in WK or new audio lesson in RL or just reviewing kanjis or grammar points in WK/Bunpro), it is a nice habit nowadays.

I found N5 grammar quite hard already and now I am really struggling with N4 grammar. I have largest number of items in Expert category and it got me thinking - some of those items have accuracy of >80% but many have <60%, even <40%. Some have more than 10 ghosts slayed. I’m definitely feeling uncertain of some of the grammar points.

Should I reset some individual items and start them over, because I feel I don’t really know them or struggle to conjugate them etc.? Should I come up with like a threshold to reset, let’s say grammar points with more than 8 ghosts slayed and accuracy less than 50% should be reseted or something like that? Or are these bad measures for this?

I don’t want to do full reset because I also have some items Mastered and some grammar points have quite high accuracy.

If you are resetting your items, what’s it based on? Do you frequently go for full level reset (all N5, all N4, …) ?

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Focus on the ghosts and cram a lot. Don’t add more reviews until you’ve got them cleared. I’d say really really study those ghostly ghouls. watch a video on them and maybephysically write out sentences usin them.

It’s generally accepted that N5 and N4 are the most difficult sections of grammar, so don’t worry about not getting them. I’m sure ven N1 people screw up が and は sometimes.