About the Grammar Points category

The Grammar Points category is for discussion about each grammar point. Each grammar point on Bunpro will be linked to a designated topic here.

This category is a work in progress, stay tuned!


Do you want people to be able to create topics in this category? Especially while it’s a work in progress?

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Ultimately we plan on creating one official topic for each grammar point. We are still working on how best to display them, both here and on Bunpro.

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I would recommend disabling the creation of new topics in this category for standard users.

Hopefully you will continue to create topics for all of the grammar points.


At least they created a template for creating new topics. I’m surprised @Pushindawood didn’t create a script to auto-generate all the topics. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it also would be nice to have a link list here in the first post to each grammar point Thread. That way you don’t have to search in the 100+ threads but just find it here. Something like:

N5 Grammar Point Threads

All Links listed here to the N5 Grammar Points