Accidentally synced Wanikani Vocab


I was playing around in settings, under “general”, “sync vocab”, and I accidentally clicked to “Sync Wanikani vocab”.

Although I understand the point of this feature, I didn’t really want a bunch of vocab to automatically go to level 12, as you can see in the image below.

Is there anyone that I can reverse this?

Thank you for your help!

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Yeah, I have a similar issue after having linked my account to WaniKani. All the vocab was synced and now I have more than 1200 SRS12 items.

I also accidently made one vocab lesson and now I have also one vocab in my reviews.

It would be great to have the option to let the vocab part out of Bunpro if the user want to.

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I didn’t know you could learn vocabulary on here? how do you do it? My dashboard has a vocab thing near grammar but I can’t see a way to learn vocabulary ?


Try the DECKS option at the top menu. Some decks are grammar only, some vocabulary only and others have both. You can also look up words in CONTENT > Vocab search.

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Are decks exclusive to the phone app? The closest thing I see to a “top menu” on desktop is clicking on Content, Paths, or my Profile, and none of these contain a Deck option

edit: Oh, I can just type it directly in the URL: Decks | Japanese Grammar SRS
That’s a lot of unexpected bonus value for my lifetime key!
still can’t find any button or link to access it though

You can, just click the remove from reviews button.

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The feature still seems to be in beta. If you set the Bunpro Beta dropdown to Opt In in the account settings, the “Decks” tab shows up at the top after “Paths”.


Wow sweet! I missed the whole Beta thing, thanks!

Thanks :blush:

I haven’t thought of that.

It was just one review, so not very bothering, but now it is removed.