AIAIJ path issue

The AIAIJ textbook, chapter 9, introduces passive voice conjugation as one way of using honorific language 尊敬語. In the Bunpro AIAIJ path, however, the grammar point being referred:

  1. makes no mention of honorific language in the meaning description and,
  2. it uses sentences where the context is not one in which honorific language should be used.

As there is no difference in terms of conjugations from the usual passive voice, the current exercises do help one to practice the conjugation but they do not help one to learn this new grammar point (passive voice as a way to use honorific language).

AIAJ is an intermediary textbook and this grammar point is different than the passive voice use that one learns in some basic texbook such as Genki.

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Hey, this usage of passive form is planned to be added :+1:


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