Always forgetting grammar points at the same SRS level

Whatever SRS level you’d be at to drop to Adept 2 after an incorrect answer is a gap that is almost guaranteed to have me forget the topic by the next time it comes around. I’d say 9 times out of 10 when I answer incorrectly, I look to the top right corner of the screen and see “Adept 2” in red, so much so that it has become comical to me.

I just don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m doing something consistently wrong if I’m always dropping grammar points at the same exact SRS level. Or I wish I could shorten that gap, or add another level in there.


Personally, the way I use bunpro changed when i tried using the reverse order of the hints. First the nuance and then the translation.

The translation was fine for “learning” at first, but then I forgot which exact translation was which grammar point, but I could understand the nuance also thanks to other resources.


Make a list of the grammar points and ask GPT to give you english sentences which would be good to use these grammar points and some limited vocab list, then rapidly madlib a conversation with it. You can also ask it to critique your grammar and give feedback. GPT is a language model, and language is its absolute strongest point. Give it a try with different requests/instructions, I’m sure your mileage will vary depending on your understanding of its limitations, but it’s quite a good training tool.

Mostly, grammar is something organic, you can’t really rote memorize it without context and practice. Even if you hate the idea of GPT, you would still need to use something like hellotalk or lang8, or some way to speak with natives so you can have an excuse to write. I think finding real humans while you’re a beginner can be a humbling and embarrassing experience for us all, but if you can get over that then of course it’s better than talking to a robot.

There’s no substitute for using the language in any case.

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Oh, in that case I would recommend Slowly. Is an app for pen pals where the thing you write takes some days to arrive.

Using chatting apps is way overwhelming for me, i barely can do it in my native language, so… xD But if you take the time to write, and everyone knows that you’ll write once a week or once a month, it’s way more relaxed.

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How accurate is GPT for that? When I used it for French it just kept on lying about certain parts of it for some reason, so I’m nervous about using it for a language I’m unfamiliar with