Amount of Studied Vocab Items...?

I’ve tried to change the amount of new lessons I do in the settings to 10…because lets face it, doing one vocab one at a time is super duper slow and repetitive!

But despite changing it… it just says at 1.

What am I doing wrong?


There is a seperate settings section for decks you can access when you click on a deck that will let you change it for individual decks.


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Ahh… Thank you both for helping me figure out a problem I was having!

The same thing was happening to me with grammar. In the regular settings, I set it to give me 1 lesson per day – so now there’s a big 1 showing on the dashboard – but every time I clicked it, it gave me 3 lessons. Now I realize that the setting in the decks overrides the overall setting. In other words, this:

overrides this:

I was about to ask if this was intended behavior, but now that I am posting this, I see the fine print in the Deck Settings that says “override your global batch size settings for this deck only”. So I will just leave this for anyone else who might be having this same problem…