Anime references

I’m starting to notice more and more anime references while going through the program (almost finished with N4) and I’m loving it. While grinding out reviews, they always give me a good chuckle and I think it really helps me remember the points. I just ran into this one, and I must say that whoever wrote this is clearly a person of culture
ひっき、まずいって知(し)ってるけど、このクッキーを たべてみてくれないか


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We are glad you like them! :+1:


I’ve gotta be that guy and ask for the joke to be explained. Maybe I’m not a person of culture…

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It’s from the anime “My teenage romantic comedy SNAFU” from the first 1 or 2 episodes, so you check it pretty quickly. As far as the person of culture thing, it’s just something people in the anime community say when you have similar tastes in anime.


i just got


in my reviews :smiley:

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There’s another reference to that under とっくに :slight_smile: