Any news on the Bunpro app?

Bringing this up as the app is still pretty much as bare bones as it can be as far as making it more suitable for a mobile experience.

I do have some suggestions I feel would make the experience better:

  • Adding at least the first section of the dashboard on the top (user/xp/study streak/accuracy)

  • Making the show answer button encased in a box rather than floating text for clarity.

  • Making the review button more distinct, perhaps by making clearer divisions in the cram and study options, and maybe shifting the "within 1 hour/24 hours more to the right so the review button can be centered on the left. (Can also shift cram and study left for consistency.)

  • Making the windows for the reviews feel more like there are actually a part of the app; as it currently stands, it feels like a page from the website because of how disconnected the top is and the excessive amount you can freely scroll to seemingly nowhere.

  • An option in the settings for the keyboard to automatically switch to JP, an example of this is the Tsurukame app for WaniKani.

  • Maybe enlarging the stats on the top right during reviews as there is space to expand them and it makes it easier to see.

I know they are working hard and don’t want to push anyone or act entitled to these changes. The app in its current state makes using it a bit jarring and I know I for one would use the app more with a bit more work on it. If the team size is smaller than I imagine, I completely understand how this may take a lot more time to achieve. Keep up the good work!

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