Automatically go to next JLPT level

So JLPT5 got two new grammar points. It took me a while to realize that I have to set the JLPT level to 5 to be able to study those grammar points. It’s also just kinda unnecessary to have to change the JLPT level after finishing the current level in order to get more things to study. So I propose that study automatically pick up any new grammar points added to the earlier levels, and if there are none grammar points in the next level if you finished the current one.


+1 on this. I’m currently studying N2 and new points for N5, 4, and 3? came out. I don’t wanna set it back to N5 just to get the n5 grammar again. I hope as new grammar comes out for lower levels this can be integrated in the current study as well.

Thank you.


Maybe I’m just using Bunpro differently, but all I have to do is click on grammar, then all, and it will show me all the grammar with the new items having a blue “NEW!” next to it which I can add to my reviews.


That’s a different approach, yes. But in study mode you don’t need to click or choose anything, you’ll just get the next X items from your JLPT level.

The downside is that you always need to change back to N5 and then N4 and then N3 in the settings when new grammar was added by Bunpro. That’s just too annoying when you’re actually studying N2. It would be so much more convenient for all users if Bunpro could set the JLPT level to “auto” (which means, start at N5 and go up all the way automatically).


I feel like it’s less clicks to just go ‘Grammar’ -> ‘Lessons’ and manually pick the ones missing, than to go back and forth on changing your level. In terms of what you’re able to do right now.

I can appreciate the idea of a feature like this though, but I can also see some issues with it.

I think you’re gonna encounter people who come to Bunpro who only care about higher levels and would be bothered by this. Those people might not care about N5 or N4. It’s really only those on those levels or us completionists who do xD

And also, this is assuming Bunpro will be indefinitely adding new grammar. The cost of programming a feature like this might not be long-term worth it, if they can just instead spend that same time finishing adding the rest of the grammar. Depending on what direction they envision the site going, it may or may not be worth it for them.


Agreed! It’s annoying as heck to have to keep doing that every time you move up a level regardless.

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We can always make this a setting that can be enabled/disabled for those who want to skip the lower levels or add newer grammar points manually.