Basic Add to Review Questions

Hello, I looked at the help file but still a bit confused on how to use BunPro.

If i click on a specific lesson topic, like Soko, I see an option for Your Progress and a button to “Add to Reviews”

However, if I click on Genki 1 for my Path, and Study Full Chapter, I presumed there would be a way to add these cards to a review but Add to Reviews button isn’t there. Is there a way to add these cards for the chapter or do I add them one by one?

I’m not entirely sure if this is correct or not, so if I’m wrong hopefully someone will correct me.

I believe if you click “Study Full Chapter” you’re basically put into a session where you learn each of the grammar points, and once you go through all of them it’ll give you a pop up saying “Quiz!”:


Once you take that quiz and answer everything right, I’m pretty sure they then get put in to your reviews and show up at the next SRS stage.


I think you’re right. I see the quiz and completed it, and it does say that it will show up in 4 hours.

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