(Batch 3!) N2 Grammar Explanations - 13/01/2022

Hi All! :star_struck:

お疲れ様です! Today I have the pleasure of announcing the third batch of N2 grammar explanations that is now live on the website! :nail_care:

As this batch is another 50 grammar points, this means that the first 150 are now available to study!

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:star2: The N2 Grammar Reorder! :star2:

As stated in our initial post, we were intending on reordering N2, so that many similar grammar points came in groups of common themes. This has already been completed with the second batch of N2 grammar, but here is a quick reminder of the order. :muscle:

Lesson 1 – Possibilities and Intentions

得る、~得ない、ざるを得ない、つもりで、どうせ、せめて、どうやら、より他ない、確かに、一応 ①、一応 ②、に相違ない、万が一、ようがない、に他ならない、っこない、それなら、ものなら、~を~に任せる、活かす、まい

Lesson 2 – Directions and Markers of Following


Lesson 3 – Limitations and Restrictions

も構わず、兼ねる、兼ねない、を除いて、に関わらず、にも関わらず、に限って、に限らず、なお ①、なお ②、限り、次第だ、~てこそ、を問わず、よりしかたがない、に越したことはない、要するに、てからでないと、なくはない、ないことには~ない、ないではいられない、ねばならない、たまえ

Lesson 4 – When or During


Lesson 5 – It All Starts or Ends With


Lesson 6 – For and Against, Through and Without


Lesson 7 – Thoughts and Expressions


Lesson 8 – It Is The Way It Is


Lesson 9 – Extents and Intervals


Lesson 10 – Whether or Regardless


As the reorder is complete, that means that those who are following the Bunpro path will now have explanations available for the first 150 grammar points, in the correct order. Almost at the end everyone, we will be there soon! :checkered_flag: :racing_car:

:egg: Early Easter? :egg:

While one could say that this is an early Easter present for everyone, it is far too early for that to actually be the case… Unless you are from Australia, where Easter eggs are on sale the very second Christmas decorations disappear.

Whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of the year, we want to offer this new release of grammar point explanations as our personal thanks for being the best community of learners that we could possibly ask for. You all consistently make all of our jobs so rewarding that it barely feels like work!

I hope all of you are having a fantastic week, and we will endeavor to have the remainder of the N2 explanations released before the end of January! :100:


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