(Batch 4!) N2 Grammar Explanations - 28/01/2023

Hi Everyone! :cowboy_hat_face:

お疲れ様です! Today I would like to sneak a quick little announcement in here about the 4th batch of N2 grammar explanations that are now live on the site!

This batch takes us to a total of 185 of all of the available N2 grammar points, with the final batch expected to release on or around the 10th of February, give or take a day or two. :wink:


:star2: The N2 Grammar Reorder! :star2:

A quick follow up on the new order of N2 for anyone that has not seen any of the previous release posts. We hope that this order will make following along with the lessons and learning new grammar points easier than ever! :muscle:

Lesson 1 – Possibilities and Intentions

得る、~得ない、ざるを得ない、つもりで、どうせ、せめて、どうやら、より他ない、確かに、一応 ①、一応 ②、に相違ない、万が一、ようがない、に他ならない、っこない、それなら、ものなら、~を~に任せる、活かす、まい

Lesson 2 – Directions and Markers of Following


Lesson 3 – Limitations and Restrictions

も構わず、兼ねる、兼ねない、を除いて、に関わらず、にも関わらず、に限って、に限らず、なお ①、なお ②、限り、次第だ、~てこそ、を問わず、よりしかたがない、に越したことはない、要するに、てからでないと、なくはない、ないことには~ない、ないではいられない、ねばならない、たまえ

Lesson 4 – When or During


Lesson 5 – It All Starts or Ends With


Lesson 6 – For and Against, Through and Without


Lesson 7 – Thoughts and Expressions


Lesson 8 – It Is The Way It Is


Lesson 9 – Extents and Intervals


Lesson 10 – Whether or Regardless


:crystal_ball: What Does the Future Hold :crystal_ball:

The content team has a lot of work coming up over the next few months. This involves things like~

  • Polishing existing content. :sparkles:

  • Adding in/completing all audio. :studio_microphone:

  • Working out the kinks with vocabulary. :ab:

  • Several new projects that will extend forward into the future. :shopping:

In addition to this, we are planning on moving ahead with the N1 explanations, with the goal of having them completed before the year-end JLPT.

Due to the bit-by-bit approach that we did with N2 being fairly well received, we have decided to go ahead with the same release schedule for N1. This means that for those who will be following the N1 grammar path with the year-end examination in mind, this should allow plenty of time to study along the N1 grammar path as part of your regular study routine! :partying_face:

As always, thanks for all the support everyone! The more Bunpro grows, the more the whole team reflects on how lucky we are to have a community that constantly helps us to improve the platform in every aspect, and mutually help each other to learn this language in the most effective way possible!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! :beach_umbrella:


First! Again.

Glad about everything so far and everything to come.

And about the bit by bit approach for the rest of it, as Ron Swanson would say “Please, and thank you.”


Great job!


Thanks so much! You guys rock!!


Glad to see the pursuit of a cohesive, textbook-less experience is progressing smoothly. Hopefully the N1 set doesn’t drain the life force out of you guys too much.



As I’ve been right behind the curve of the explanation updates recently, the progress is very much appreciated!