Bug: Furigana not clickable anymore

I just noticed that the Furigana do not stay visible any longer after clicking on them.

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Hey! Thanks for reaching out. I tested a fair bit but am unable to reproduce the issue. Are you able to reliably reproduce it on different pages even after a page refresh?

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Just to say that clicking on furigana / words with furigana has also not been doing anything for me for a while too.

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I can confirm that it doesn’t stay on anymore. My settings are as follows:

ふりがな = 無効
ふりがなのホバー表示 = 有効

If I remember correctly, clicking on a Japanese word would make the Furigana stay visible, that’s not the case anymore, it only shows as long as you hove over the word with the mouse.

I’ve tested this on the latest versions of Firefox (add-ons disabled) and Edge (no add-ons).

Seems to work fine for me with Firefox on desktop and the android app.

I have the same setting on firefox and it works fine, odd.

That is indeed odd. It works just fine in the Bunpro app, but not on my PC with Firefox/Edge.