Bug on Splash Page


As of yesterday on the main splash page my “Review” Activity" block doesn’t show reviews and now just says:

“Error Loading Chart: Chart.js - Moment.js could not be found! You must include it before Chart.js to use the time scale. Download at https://momentjs.com

If I go to the Stats page the “Streak average over time” and “Accuracy over time” boxes contain the same thing.

I’m assuming something’s been updated incorrectly recently, but I’m not sure what. This just started a day or two ago, and these were working fine before.

Any ideas?



Hey @larrydeluca!

If you are using the “bunpro-planner” script it causes the error. You will need to deactivate it.

Ah, thank you for responding so quickly. How do I disable it?

If you are using it, you probably have a Tampermonkey extension.
When you click its icon in the top right, you will get a list with bunpro-planner in it.
Turn it off there and you should be fine :wink:

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That did it!! ありがとうございます!!


so this script doesnt work anymore?