BUG: Still get ghost reviews with ghost reviews disabled

I’m getting the same grammar point multiple times per lesson, even when I get it correct every time. It’s annoying and time consuming, and kills my motivation to continue.

This isn’t a bug. Each grammar point has lots of mini “sub-grammar points” within it, which means if you get a sentence wrong, that sentence (not the grammar point itself) will become a ghost review. If you get 5 sentences wrong with the same grammar point, you will need to kill 5 ghost reviews for the same grammar point.
A basic example of these “sub-grammar points” is て form. This is just one grammar point, but the web site will want to test that you understand how to conjugate it in all ways, such as う = って, ぐ = いで, etc.

Yes, but as mentioned in the title, I have ghost reviews disabled in the settings, so that should not happen.

This is only a guess, but maybe disabling them in the settings just prevents them from being created, and doesn’t actually affect existing ones.

If this is the case, maybe an option to “burn” (remove/delete) them should be made available during review sessions for Ghost Reviews, and maybe a button in Settings to wipe them all clean.

@BlueRaja If you believe that you Ghost Reviews are still popping up in your reviews, would you mind trying to remove them as @Kai suggested? You can do so under Profile, Reset. Just select Ghost Reviews from the dropdown menu under Reset Reviews and click Reset. Reset reviews will behave as if they have never been added to your review queue; there will no longer be any statistics or SRS level associated with them.

If you continue to get the same grammar point multiple times during reviews after a reset or you are seeing the same sentence appear again and again even though you have already gotten that review correct, please let us know. Cheers!