Bunpro down again?


Anyone else having trouble getting to Bunpro?


Same here since 3 days. I lost my 22 day streak because of this :expressionless:


Working here, but super slow. I’m assuming it’s my internet connection? Discord is not sending messages either :thinking:

EDIT: Just failed here.


Should be fine now? We had some latency issues a little bit ago. I am looking into what might have caused it.


Down again.
BP seriously needs to handle uptime issue, maybe it’s time for server upgrade?


The uptime issue was my fault. I pushed an update that passed all local testing but caused some issues.


it’s not working at all for me in Chrome. I’m getting a blank page.


Yes I can’t get in at all using Opera


@Kabukiman It is loading fine for me. I will check the logs.


Just tested it and I’m getting that “Loading…” text as well. The rest of the site loads, just not the sentences. Using Chrome on Windows 10.


Would you mind taking a look in the “Inspect” console and seeing if you get any errors, please?


It’s working fine for me now. Thanks.


Lemme know if this isn’t what you want. I’m not the best at navigating the console x’D


Looks like you might be having the same issue that was causing the issue here: Feedback - Bug Reports

Are you using any scripts?


Op, that’s the one! Thanks, that fixed it xD