Bunpro Expansion Suggestion

As I am approaching level 100 and my interest in learning another language grows stronger with it.
Why not add Bunpro to another Asiatic language like Chinese or Korean? as there is a lack of resources like Bunpro for those.
I’m sure it will be a great hit.
Thank you for making this website, I’ve become quite fond of it over the years


There are sometimes talks about other languages, Swedish for example (mainly because that’s the only other language I can speak, not because it would be a popular idea :sweat_smile:). But I agree that the concept can definitely be applied to other asian languages!

We would have to locate experts in those fields :thinking::thinking:. Maybe in the future!


If they expand anytime soon on the Japanese dialects you gonna have some more materials to study as well.


My suggestion would be to utilize the nature of the app to include different kinds of questions. Such as JLPT style questions. Correct particle usage. Using the correct conjugations etc.


If BunPro does ever get to the point where it can or feels ready to expand into another language, I’d definitely be interested in Korean personally.


I’d love to see an expansion, especially Mandarin for me :slight_smile:

What would also be an interesting idea to consider is: English to Mandarin, or Japanese to Mandarin? (Or English to Korean, or Japanese to Korean, etc.)

Just advice I’ve heard from others is to learn your third language from your second. As an example, I plan to use Japanese resources to learn Russian. Would be neat to see us ‘graduate’ from Japanese and be able to move on to another language through Japanese.

Just throwing that out there, definitely don’t expect this expansion in general, let alone my idea, and especially not any time soon. Either way, just Japanese alone has been amazing :slight_smile:



This makes me realize how much I wish something like Bunpro existed for other languages. Or like WaniKani

I guess you can theoretically make your own decks in Anki but there’s also something about the community forums and planned-out lessons

I wonder why learners of other languages haven’t caught on to this whole SRS-website-community thing yet. Or maybe they have and I’m just not aware of it

Awful thankful someone caught on to it for Japanese though

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Yes!! I would definitely support a Bunpro for Mandarin Chinese as well. Whenever I’m learning Chinese, I really do miss the massive amount of resources and so many different learning options that I would get with Japanese - maybe Bunpro could help change that? :wink:


text interpreting would be good as well.

So we can practice going back and forth to the text to get the answer.

I know because this was a way I could undersand English (not my native lang) well after a few years

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Expanding into other languages would be really cool. Personally would like to see Korean (and maybe Mandarin Chinese.)

I even bough Japan Edition “Lets Learn Korean with BTS”… Just to improve my Japanese and try to learn another language in Japanese for the fun of it.


Hi there !

I just changed my profile picture on Bunpro Community and I realized I couldn’t change the one on Normal Bunpro.

Maybe I’m just missing on something, but it doesn’t seem like it’s possible yet. That could be a nice future implementation. :blush:

(Or maybe just make a quick request to a Bunpro Community API and get the corresponding pfp from there. No DB change needed)

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Normal avatar of Bunpro works with gravatar.


I’d say that in the future they should move away from that service, since it’s basically a tracker at this point.


I have googled Korean SRS apps. And still, there are no any. :frowning:

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As long as it doesn’t eat into Bunpro’s Japanese development, I’d be absolutely stoked to see either Korean or Chinese.

(Or, greedily, even Italian. I learnt Italian for ten years through school (albeit badly) and I have a real soft spot for it.)

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GrammaticaPro :it: doesn’t have as nice a ring though :sweat_smile:


I would def grab mandarin after japanese, bonus points if you can learn it directly from japanese.



문법 is grammar in Korean…
문pro doesn’t sound too bad! (The hanja is the same as the Bun in Bunpro)

I would also be super excited to see a service like Bunpro for other Asian languages :smiley:


Omg, mandarin in bunpro would be the best thing ever! I love how bunpro is constructed and I’m missing something like that for mandarin :cry:

Please stick with Japanese ty