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I think this is mostly an issue with the term “XP”. In most contexts that word is used said XP is a resource that can be generated indefinitely, while instead in Bunpro it’s a finite resource.

I’m not sure the following would be a good change, but if the “XP” on Bunpro was instead called “BP” (Bunpro Points) or something akin to that it’s possible that someone would accept a little more seeing them being taken away after a reset.


Hi there. Could you expand on “most contexts” some more? I’m only familiar with XP as “experience points”, like in Dungeons & Dragons, where it’s something that you can gain and lose, as a means to an end, and not a goal by itself. Is this about most video gaming contexts?


Hello hello. I was talking about disconnect between the usual concept of “Experience Point” (in roleplaying games, videogames, gamified system, etc.) and the Bunpro “XP”.

The difference that I wanted to point out is that usually (I’d say 99% of the times) “Experience Points” are gained through repeatable tasks, and potentially there is an infinite amount to be gained. It doesn’t matter if the XP can be drained by Vampires, or that there is an EXP cap that someone can reach. With a very boring DM a party could just slay indefinitely thousands of Kobolds.

Bunpro is very different: there are no repeatable tasks that generate “Experience”, instead the “XP” tally is the sum of the highest level one has ever reached in the SRS for of the grammar points they have studied. Bunpro “XP” just cannot be “grinded” in any way.

I vastly prefer the latter, but I can understand someone mistaking it for something else.


I just want to chime in that I’m in love with the current EXP-system :heart_eyes: I feel accomplished raising it and watching it increase together with the JLPT progress. I much prefer seeing the levels as rough measures of japanese grammar ability than as a measure of how many reviews someone has done. That way I think the levels can convey more interesting information on the forums too if someone chooses to share their level publicly.


I did this as well, and I am only just now back to where I was Two years ago.

I think that this is fine personally.

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