Bunpro is making me practice the same grammar - and worse, the same sentences - endlessly. What do?

I don’t get it. I cleared the N5 grammar, and while trying to review it, it’s not covering the things I know but keeps going over the things I do know. Worse yet, it’s the same sentences. On God if I see the “it keeps doing things like raining” or the “I’m going drinking tonight” sentences again I’m gonna lose my mind.

Is there a way to flag grammar points as “don’t ever test me on these again”?


The sentences you are seeing repeatedly are Ghost Reviews. They are designed to give you a little extra practice on sentences you missed. Once you have got them correct four times, they go away.

If you aren’t interested in using them, you can go in and under the grammar reset, reset the Ghost Reviews option. https://bunpro.jp/user/profile/reset

From there, switching your ghost reviews option to “Off” or “Minimal” will prevent/reduce ghosts. https://bunpro.jp/settings/general


Set them to minimal. This should be the default setting I think.

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Thanks chief!


Is this the right link? I don’t see anything there about Ghost Reviews. Did you mean to reset the account that contains active ghost reviews? That might make more sense of it to me (?).

Just an alternative viewpoint: Personally I really like the ghost reviews so I leave them on the ‘On’ (the default) setting, rather than ‘Minimal’ or ‘Off’.

What I like about them is that by adding extra reviews to my pile, it gives me a cue to slow down: Taking more time with individual reviews so I don’t make careless mistakes; but also slowing down on starting new lessons (Study feature), so that I don’t get overloaded with too many grammar points that are too new-to-me, i.e. one’s that I don’t really ‘get’ yet. [And they only last for 4 SRS levels, so they don’t burden you forever; plus you get extra badges for banishing ghosts! :partying_face:]

Anyway, that’s just my personal style of learning. I could easily understand why others might not like the extra, repetitive reviews. For me, they’re great, though! :sweat_smile:


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