Bunpro lost my progress on grammer

im not sure where to report bugs on here but bunrpro no longer recognises i completed n4 and n3 grammer is still recognises i have completed n5 grammer but i am lost on my progress for n3 now as it doesent have the bunpro seal over the grammer i have already completed this just happend today

It also happened to me. Even tough the progress bars on the dashboard shows the correct data, when I go to the grammar page its does not show the seal over the completed ones.

I don’t think we lost any progress though~

Looks like that happened to me, too. I’m almost done with N1, but my stamps only cover from N5 to the first couple dozen N2 items.

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Hey! This has been patched. Sorry for the confusion :bowing_man:


No worries, Jake. Thanks for the quick fix! :+1:

Well, that was fast! Thanks!