Bunpro roadmap

Hey there!

I came across this thread about a possible Bunpro roadmap dating back to 2018. I would like to re-ask the same question and am curious if you could share any new features you are planning to implement, etc :slight_smile:


Can’t say too much as our roadmap can be pretty “dynamic”.
Once we’ve finished the next few projects we will be able to give a more stable roadmap.

In the meantime:

  • We’ll be working on small non-breaking (for pre-December-JLPT stability) QoL changes as per usual
  • We’ll be moving over pages to the new 2.0 system (similar to the Reviews/Dashboard updates)
  • We also have plans to do a big revamp of the overall Decks/Search experience too

Stay tuned!


It’s been brought up in the past, but will Bunpro have a public API ever?

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We’ve had one in the past, but until the whole project is in a more stable state, it will have to wait a bit.

Between the mobile app and the website and the constant schema changes, would be a bit too hard to constantly update at the moment!

Definitely something we want to do properly in the future though


Thanks for outlining a few things to look forward to!

The three things you mentioned all seemed to be related to user experience and the programming side of things. I’m curious if you or someone else could give more insight into the content roadmap? For example, a rough timeline for things such as: N2 and N1 vocab, any major planned updates to grammar, any additional content we can look forward to, etc.


Would you mind elaborating on that in more detail? As I made a series of posts in the past where that was at the heart of my concern pertaining to Bunpro.

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N2 vocab sentences are already live, and we are currently in the process of getting all the translations done and then the study questions so that cloze mode can be enabled.

N1 + Additional list 1 and 2 (about 5k words all up) are all finished and ready to go, but we just need to do some quality checking on them and the furigana check as well.

N2 translations should be done by year end, N1 will take a bit longer but definitely first quarter next year. All of the additional lists are 1k words each, so you can probably expect one of those every 6ish weeks after N1.

We have a few other things we’re working on, but all of these will be announced in the ‘Year in Review’ post that we’ll be doing soon, so please hold tight til then for further info!


Awesome, looking forward to it! Thanks for responding Asher :relaxed: I’ll make sure to keep my eye out for the Year in Review post as well.


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