BunPro Stats Improvement

Heya, just a little tip for the Stats section if you ever can find time for it.

Currently, this list goes back all the way to the first time stats were created (I assume), which is not really useful for me as my review and lesson stats only start in August.
Maybe it’s a good idea to cut off the empty whitespace, so that the data is a bit more understandable?


The stats are also only available on mouse-hover, which means I can’t access them on my phone …
I would benefit much more from seeing these in a graph form for the past n days (n = 30, 90, 365).

Another stats request: Currently, bunpro only shows the number of new items that will become available over the next 24 hours. However, that’s a lower bound of the amount of items I will finish if I do all my reviews on time. It would be very helpful to see the upper bound. That is, to see the number of items to review during the next 24 hours if I do all of them as soon as they are available. The more new ghosts you have, the bigger discrepancy between the lower and the upper bound …

I have two goals I want to achieve from the stats page:

  1. Once in a while to pat myself on the back for doing good work. I get this from the Profile page.
  2. To make sure that my review load is sustainable. This is unfortunately quite hard to do with the current information.