Bunpro Vocab and sentence display

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding vocab in Bunpro.

I already have a couple of thousand words, and wanted to try to add to Bunpro some words I found in my immersion.
However, when I try added some words for example 勇ましい or 時折, while they are present on Bunpro and have some example sentences, I could not get the sentences to appear on the reviews.

I tried adding the first word in the JLPT5 deck and the sentence displayed correctly. Am I missing something ?

I notice they were level associated with sentence, I am in the middle of the N2 grammar deck, is this why N2 or N1 vocab phrase are not displaying ?

Any ideas ?

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This is technically not a bug– we are in the process of converting some of our sentences so that they can also be used in Reviews.
These are mostly in the N1/N2 range!

They should be coming out shortly (can’t give an actual time frame sorry)


Alright, thank you. As long as it’s expected, sounds good to me !

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Yeah, technically not a bug, but very confusing. :sweat_smile: :woozy_face: