BunsGiving Day

Happy BunsGiving Day! :tada:

Whether you celebrate it as Thanksgiving, 勤労感謝の日, or as just another day in late November, what better time of the year than now to show someone how much you care by giving them the Gift of Grammar™!

Why spread the Gift of Grammar™?

Over the years, we have had users reach out about gifting Bunpro subscriptions to friends and family. While this has always unofficially been a thing, we thought it was time to make it official!

Starting today, through next Monday, all gifted subscriptions are 20% off!

Share the joy of tackling new grammar, smashing a tall stack of reviews, exorcizing pesky ghosts, and seeing your JLPT progress bars slowly fill up. Not to mention the pure joy of synonym hell, the fear of losing motivation to study daily to keep your streak, or yet another color update!! Bunpro truly has something for everyone. :stuck_out_tongue:

So if there is someone you would like to support or encourage, whether it is a friend, a family member, or even that someone special :wink:, a Bunpro subscription is the perfect gift for any occasion.

How can I gift a subscription?

The process is super easy! With “BunsGiving” as the title of your message, contact us at [email protected] or here in the forums, with the following information:

  • How much subscription time you’d like to gift.
  • The email address or Bunpro username you want to send the gift to
  • When you’d like to gift delivered (by default we will apply it right away)
  • Lastly, if you would like to include a message to the person you are gifting it to, please let us know. Alternatively, you can gift it anonymously as well.

We will send you an invoice for the subscription time you wish to gift that you can pay for via PayPal. Once we have a transaction ID, we will apply it to their account.

The sale prices are as follows:

Length Price
1 month $5 → $4
1 year $50 → $40
Lifetime $150 → $120

If you’d like to gift a different amount of time, let us know and we’ll make it work!

Depending on popularity, we may streamline gifting subscriptions and have a sale on them again next year.

The BunsGiving Sale on gifted subscriptions is separate from the upcoming annual sale on lifetime memberships ($120) that will begin in mid December. Stay tuned for more information about that!

As always, the Bunpro team is eternally grateful for the continued support and feedback everyone provides. You are what we are thankful for this BunsGiving. :bowing_man:



Having no friends finaly pays off.


I came here for buns. There are no buns.


First of all: What a great idea, guys! :sunglasses::+1: :sweat_smile:

Secondarily, a minor suggestion for the layout of the announcement

Since it is a short, yet informative section, I suggest moving the three-paragraph section titled " Why spread the Gift of Grammar™?" in front of the “Starting today, …” section. Like so:

Reasoning: Personally, when I read it in that order (the whole text, obviously, not the abbreviated layout version thingy :sweat_smile:), I think it flows better, briefly gives an ‘internal motivation’ (i.e. BunPro’s own motivation, which could be shared by the reader) for putting on the event, and then gives a variety of possible customer motivations for why the reader might want to join in the event.

I dunno. Personally, it just seems more … ‘centered’? ‘grounded’? ‘centrally-tied-together’? ‘coherent’? Honestly I don’t know how to describe it. It just seems to make more sense to me.

And anyway, it’s just a very minor suggestion, based solely on my own opinion. Either way, I love the idea! Cheers! :smiley:


That’s a great idea. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone who’s studying Japanese, except one but he doesn’t study it currently.


Dat 4 dollar gift tho.


It’s the thought that counts!


If anyone wants to gift me a lifetime subscription, I wouldn’t be opposed to it :grin:


I get you one if you get me one. :wink:

I’d love to use that discount myself though. As I don’t have friends. I am too busy learning Japanese. ._.


What happens if two or more people gift the same person a monthly subscription? Would they get two months of free subscriptions if they are gifted by two people, for example?

What if one of the two people offered them a lifetime membership? The lifetime membership gifter would of course become a better choice, but would the other person who gifted the monthly subscription have their present reimbursed?

Maybe the monthly subscription gifter could get a notification that they could try gifting another person who has a monthly subscription anonymously?

Sorry for asking silly questions. I’m high on coffee and procrastinating my Japanese homework.

Edit: Now reading back the top post, the silly questions I’ve asked could be solved with back and forth email communications with admins anyway. Okay, back to homework time now.


I expect that to be the case.

I think the chances of this happening are rather small and that would be handled on that moment.

Maybe I should stop procrastinating too, JLPT is in 7 days.


So the gift process basically goes like this:
Hey sorry bud you gotta learn japanese now :confused:


LMAO good one 笑笑


Basically how it went with one of my friends. :rofl:




That ネーヴァ ギヴ アップ!! went from encouraging to threatening real quick…