Can I multi-select grammar points to add to review?


I’m new to Bunpro. I am around N3 level but am wanting to continuously brush up on my grammar so would like to add all of N5 and N4 to my review. However, I have already learned these grammar points.

It seems that I have to go into each grammar level lesson and work through manually adding them to my review lists.

Is there a faster way to do this?

Any advice greatly appreciated!

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As far as I’m aware there isn’t a bulk add to review option. The fastest I think you can do it is by going to Grammar -> All, clicking one of the N5 or N4 and then have your mouse near the “Add to review” button and navigate through the lessons using the arrow keys.

Doing this for the entirety of N5 and N4 at once though will mean you’ll have a literal hell of reviews to go through at the start though, as you’ll need to go through 289 items on the SRS schedule, so 289 sentences once, then (assuming you have all correct) again a few hours later and so on until they are at a decent SRS interval.