Can someone break down this sentence for me?


What conjugation form is 泣いていた?


よし is a new word for me, I looked it up and there are a few definitions with different kanji

so I’m not sure how the よしよし works. I assume the し at the end part of the してあげた

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ていた is a past form of ている

Basically it means that the daughter has been crying for some time.

よしよし is something along English “there, there” “alright, alright” and is used when you want to comfort or soothe someone (especially younger than you).

It’s typically used in phrases よしよし心配しないで (there, there, don’t worry), etc.

してあげた is する + あげる. to do something for someone

So if we translate it a bit more literally:

My daughter was crying for some time, so I did “there, there” for her (comforted her).

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Thank you! appreciate the help

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