Can you pay for Bunpro in the Google Play store

Can you pay for the Bunpro App in the Google Play store, or is only available on the website?


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You pay for the use of BunPro, which is either a monthly, yearly, or large one-time payment.
The app is something that comes with that subscription.

Do you just have a large amount of money in your Google Wallet or something XD


Okay, thanks.

Nah, just thought I might pay for a month after the trial ran out :slight_smile:

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Can you pay monthly in google play?

Payments in Google Play go through the payment cards you add to Google Pay. Plus, if enabled, you can earn Google Play Points when you make payments through the Google Play Store (which can be used for microtransactions, Google Play Credits, or donations to one of three causes).

The Google Play Store does support subscriptions if the app developer decides to use it.

Whether or not this option is available on Bunpro… I can’t say for sure.