Can't hear a certain word in a song

I don’t really know how else to title this, but I’ve been listening to this song, “Friendzone”, by Eden Kai and there’s one part in the song where I just get so confused because the lyrics are 散らばった時間を集め but I cannot for the life of me hear 時間 at all in there. It just sounds like 散らばったを~集め. Can anyone help me out here and see if you can hear it? If you click on the video and go to 1:16 that’s where that line is at.



No he didn’t sing it in that recording. It might simply be a mistake he made while recording, but since the rest of it came out well, decided to keep it in the official track, or it could have just been his feeling at the time. If you go to karaoke you can sing it with or without.
I noticed this when I first learned 前前前世 by RADWIMPS - this was the time when 君の名は had just come out at the cinema and EVERYONE was singing it at karaoke :joy:
If you go to 2:25, the official lyrics, written everywhere, are その手を壊さずに, but he doesn’t sing the に in the recording.


Okay thank you so much. I was certain that he didn’t sing it, but at the same time I’m still learning so I thought maybe I was somehow missing it :sweat_smile:.

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