Can't log in on web version

I made an account and bought premium on the app version but when I tried to on the web version it says the email doesn’t exist? I made a new account to see if that’d fix anything but it didn’t give me premium and instead just a free trial…

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Hey and welcome on the community forums! :partying_face:

Could you private message me the email? I will contact the technical part of the team to solve the issue.

Also, may I ask which mobile app did you use?

Sorry for the inconvienience!

Yeah I can! I’m not seeing any option to do so though :sweat_smile:

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If you click on @mrnoone’s avatar or name (or even the name in my message here since it is clickable), a layover will show. In the top right corner on that you’ll see a message button.


I see the layout but there’s no option for messaging, maybe I’m too new to the forums to do that or something. I can reply to messages I think though.

EDIT: Looks like the app was called Bunpo (without an “r”)

That app is not the same as this website I am pretty sure although I don’t know what the apps are actually called. I think there is an official android app but not currently an iPhone one. Although don’t take my word for those things because I do all my stuff on computer. But there are app threads here on the forum so you should be able to check out the name of the actual app(s).

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Bunpo and BunPro are not related