Changing how many reviews in one session

Right now it is capped at 219 reviews per session. I want to change this to much less but I cannot find any option to change this.


Currently there is no option to do so!
We’re going to add a filtering menu sometime soon to help you filter/order your Reviews based on a few conditions.

Out of curiousity what would you want to see in your case for a Review filter system?

I would like to also see such an option. Currently, when there is a big number of reviews waiting for me, I feel intimidated by it and I don’t even start if I’m not sure that I have enough time to finish them all. I know that I can always wrap up and leave the current session, but if I make mistakes, those sentences go to the end and I don’t want to skip that. It would be great to have something similar to iKnow - when starting reviews, I can choose how many I want to do in one session (5, 10, 20, or 50 in that case).

Just so you know, when you choose to wrap up it doesn’t skip the mistakes, it skips forward TO the mistakes and you can clear the mistakes before fully finishing the review session.


Imo, something similar to the “learn by batches” approach would be great. If you have 57 cards, you can “review 30” and then, after a short break, review the remaining ones (or even leave them for tomorrow if you don’t have much reviews)


Start a review session. Click the gear in the top left corner. Go to Queue order. There you can set session limits.

My session limit is set to 10, and it’s such a relief. When I have many pending reviews, I can start a session and know that I’ll be done after 10 reviews. Then I can start another session, or not.


And the same setting in the app.

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Great, turns out there is still a lot on here on Bunpro which I haven’t discovered yet. Thank you all, this will make my life easier :slightly_smiling_face:


that’s very cool, I always stop my sessions several times in the middle as I don’t want to get my failed answers second round too far from the time I have been corrected, It helps making the correction stick in my mind as I tend to just completely forget it if I wait til the end of the review.