Clicking on a grammar point to view its page should open in a new tab

When studying, clicking on a link to a Grammar Point will take me to that items page and break my study session. When I use my browser’s back button, my Study page refreshes and the summary of my progress is gone (ie, I start from 0 but my progress isn’t lost).


I would like to suggest that clicking on a Grammar Point in Study mode should open a new tab, rather than using the tab I’m already using for study.

(I know I can just manually open it in a new tab, but I forget to do that pretty often)


@otakumike Hey! Do you happen to remember where you found this sentence (what grammar point you were studying)? I thought I had made all of these links open in a separate tab, but it seems that I may have missed one. Cheers!


Yes - it’s the grammar point for potential form:

@otakumike Hey! It looks like the potential form is the grammar point linked in the above sentence (linked to 走れる). Do you happen to remember where the sentence containing 走れる was? Cheers.

@Pushindawood I can’t figure out how/if I can link you directly to the question, but here’s a screenshot if it helps: