Completed the N4 grind

After 144 long days, I’ve finally managed to clear all of N4 from the ground up.
(That amounts to ~1.2 grammar points a day)

Although I’ve tried to work through this course a bit faster, life tends to not always make room for your plans.

Next hurdle will of course be N3, which I plan to clear in 100 days, meaning 2 points a day.
(I’ve already put a few points in my queue prior to starting this deck)

Perhaps this goal will prove to be too ambitious, seeing as I’m actually entering N3 territory now and thus synonym hell (at least from what I’ve gathered).
However, if I can pull through, I will have cleared N3 prior to my first trip to Japan and may even earn a few “nihongo jouzu desu ne” here and there.
Only time will tell…

I guess the aim of this post is to remind others that yes, there is a shitload to learn and yes, you will eventually get to the end.
頑張って :clap:


Will be joining you in Synonym Hell shortly 🫡



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Congratulations! I remember when I first completed N4; it felt like a huge accomplishment, and I hope you feel the same!

I am about to finish N3, probably in a few days to a week, and I can tell you that it is most certainly synonym hell at first, and in the middle you will have fun remembering the differences between というと、からいうと、and でいうと、or とすると、としたら、として、にして、にしては、にしても、。。。等、but it becomes easier at the end again when more information on the “masu stem” is given and there is a lot more agglutination that comes into play.

I hope you enjoy your joruney! 頑張って!


Well done!
Your reward for completing the N4 grind is the N3 grind, enjoy! :slight_smile:


I still specifically struggle with these haha.