Comprehensible Input videos

I recently started watching Comprehensible Input videos for Spanish, and that’s been going well for me. So I’ve been trying to find similar resources for other languages.

I find most of the podcasts and YouTube channels out there not so good for CI because of the lack of visual aids. There seem to be just a few channels that get close to what I’m looking for.

These ones aren’t ideal due to the lack of visuals, but they at least show the speaker talking:

Kid’s shows:

Feel free to comment with your recommendations, etc.


I used comprehensible japanese for a while and can recommend it. Didn’t continue as podcasts suit my learning routine more (difficult to watch a video whilst walking the dog), I notice that a lot of those names on there also have podcasts.

Not CI, but easy to understand videos:

Learn Japanese with Tanaka san

The videos have cute visuals and also subs in English and Japanese.


I just noticed that Comprehensible Japanese has a couple pages of links, they include some channels I missed in the OP.

Recently, i’m using the podcast
Let’s talk in Japanese!
Each podcast has a JLPT level indicated.

It’s not a comprehensible “video”, but it’s worth sharing the link i think :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if this fits your bill, but I like recommending the Marugoto websites. They’re structured differently depending on your level/which book you’re at, but the A2-2 site is pretty good. There’s basically a web series to practice listening/talking (you can toggle different kinds of subtitles and even the speakers’ audio to practice some sentences). And then there’s the “Life and Culture” reports with more natural/faster Japanese.


Anime with English subs is a good place to start if you cannot read Japanese yet, else with Japanese subs is good too.

The key is watching the same episode multiple times or watch a genre that is hopelessly repetitive. Up to you.

I have been experimenting with watching animated movies from outside Japan in Japanese as I already know the story. Shrek is fairly amusing, though most of the soundtrack is still in English.

Something I’ve found incredibly helpful is watching a japanese dub with japanese subs of your favorite movies. It requires a vpn and some browser addons ( I use Language reactor for chrome) but since it’s something you’ve seen so many times you understand 90% of what’s said even though it’s in your target language. I’ve been rewatching all of the harry potter movies in japanese because I know them so well. I find it incredibly easy to pick up grammar points and new vocab from these movies because of my familiarity with them. For some reason the official japanese subs do not match the japanese dub at all so you’ll need an addon like language reactor to ARS (automatic speech recognition)the subs for you(it isn’t perfect, sometimes it adds ending particles that don’t exist especially when hagrid or dumbledore are speaking).

I’d like to add that most of the time the mouth movements seem to line up well and it’s not always easy to tell it’s a dub oddly enough. Also Japanese Snape sounds even more sinister than english Snape, he got a really good dub.