Consisting Crashing during lessons [solved]

Like title says my browser keeps crashing during bunpro lessons (specifically the quiz after lessons)
My browser is google chrome mobile(android)…
Also i don’t know which category to put this in so i decided with bunpro…
And no it only crashes on bunpro lessons tab … i did reviews just fine and my other tabs are fine so i doubt it is browser problem.

Hey! Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. How big is your batch size?

Also do you get the same error when doing from desktop?

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I don’t use desktop so no idea. Batch size is 2

We tried to reproduce this on our end but are unable to. Could you give me a little more info about how you are getting it consistently crash please?

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I just click on new lessons “Jlpt 3 lesson” in main menu. New lesson displays, after pressing forward to the quiz. It crashs

Does this still happen if you try right after restarting your phone? How much memory (RAM) does your phone have?

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No idea. But from my understanding if it is ram problem then all my tabs should be crushing instead it is only bunpro.

Is there some dialog box after the bunpro tab crashes? Take a screenshot, please. Maybe there’s an option to see some additional tech data about the crash?


I don’t think there is. Also the google chrome crashes not the tab itself (aka not the tab delete itself) but it only happens in bunpro lessons not review not every other tab i have which made me suspect it might not be chrome’s fault
Edit: now it is working just fine after i tried after i wrote this. Haven’t done anything anyways thanks for the fix also sorry

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